W.I.N. No Matter What.

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Winners Never Quit, Quitters Never Win!

We have all heard or read that quote, but do we believe that quote? Most people like to speak that when times are going good for them and it seems like they ARE going to win! Or if they feel good and things are going their way.

The real test comes when you recite that quote once you are right at the verge of quitting or giving up in life or in a specific situation. This is when that quote become ‘oh so real’ to you! Can you say, “Winners never quit” when you are not winning, actually when everything that could come against you has come against you? This is when you do not feel like a winner. You lost the first, second, and third round; you failed the test; you did not get the promotion you had been working hard to get; or you did not get the loan. Can you say, “Quitters never win” when you just quit your job; you just gave the position to someone else; you just stopped testing before the time was called; you walked out and did not get the final results.

That moment you feel defeated is that moment to bow your head and pray for direction! This the real WINNING attitude!

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“Winning” is what everybody wants to do. You hear in the air, “#IWin” or “#Winning” which now even those that are not in winning mode are reciting the hashtags and it sounds great. Many people are boasting and wearing bands which shows empowerment of being a “winner” without the power to W.I.N.

Power to W.I.N.

What does it take to have the power to win? Why simply reciting the hashtags, is not winning? In order to WIN, you must have the power to W.I.N. which means having the desire. Faith without works is dead and anything dead, cannot WIN therefore, you must work your way to winning ground. You have to work at anything to be successful and win. Take it from a football player, he must work hard at weekly practice by sprinting, doing drills to improve speed and accuracy, as well as, practicing to throw and catch the football. If he does not put in the work, there is no way that he will help the team win.

Put in the WORK for whatever your task requires in order to win. Work can require practice, performance or production, but it has to be done. Without much practice, there is no way to become better. Players practice, singers practice, businessmen practice, teachers practice, preachers practice, students practice… that basically covers everyone! This works hand in hand: “the way you practice is the way you perform.” The performance justifies the practice. Period. Point. Blank. And the production is inadvertently the outcome of the practice and performance. This is why work requires all three. In any instance, you must apply work status, so don’t ever think or say, #Winning, unless you have put in the work!

INVEST in your winning efforts! When you invest into something, you put in your finances and your time, as well. Investing is about “working smarter and not harder.” Most people think that investing ONLY involves money, but it does not mean just money. The most important investment you can put in for you to win is your time. Give every waking moment to doing your best. This means when your up, find everything you can do to be successful. Research for the Win, study for the Win, get involved for the Win, apprehend the Win, and conquer the Win! If you plan for the win, then you will write it down, make it plain, and orchestrate it. You should attend workshops and trainings to better yourself, not just the free ones either. You will take courses for improvement or for enhancing individual skills, business and social. That is true investment!

Network to win! This sounds like work, and it is similar. Successful people connect with other successful people. If you hang out in the barnyard long enough you will smell like the horses. Do not let your company be underneath what you want to become. My mom used to tell me, “the company you keep determines who you are.” That, alone, made me be careful of my network, even before I understood network. I did not have a large circle of friends back then, and it is smaller now! When you were younger, your friends thought like you and liked the same things you did… same difference. Join networking groups related to your area. Talk with these individuals to grow, develop, and learn. Try to spend more time with people that is WINNING than with people that is not after the WIN. Life is difficult enough, negativity should not be a part of the process. You will encounter negativity, but you don’t have to stay there… seek out those positive people and things! Make sure your network is on point!!

This is how to W.I.N. [Work*Invest*Network]

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