Assess Your Connection

Have you ever sat and watched, then wondered how some people can behave in certain manners? When you are taught or trained to be a type of person that can function in society, some behaviors are shocking.

There are many types of people in this world, those who Have and those who Have Not! I am not talking about finances either, so change your mindset.

The Have Nots

These people talk a lot…. always have an opinion or ideal. These people does not have much respect and/or loyalty. Respect is a trait that should be second nature, but not in the lives of the Have Nots. These people will say anything that comes to their minds, with no regard of who they hurt or upset. As a matter of fact, these people conjur up a plan on how they will say that thing to certain people. They will laugh and contemplate what the response will be and what the reactions will show. These people Have Not been made to show respect for elders, young people, nor themselves. Coming up in a large family home, as children, respect was not an option for us! When adults talked, we listened. When elders gave opinions, we listened. When people asked us questions, we listened. I can remember that we had to look at the person talking to show we were listening. Did we take everything, every advice, every spoken knowledge?… probably not! But, we listened. We never argued our point, we discussed; we never laughed at our elders (until behind their backs), we shook our heads and smiled. Respect. In that form. Loyalty is learned and groomed and dispelled. Being loyal… is a part of who you are as a child of the most high God! You learn how to be loyal from the master teacher, who is loyal just because he loves us! The Have Nots doesn’t know loyalty, because they Have Not enough love for others. Loyalty should come from the heart and not a contract (just because I have to be). These people are usually heartless and won’t admit it. Heartless people are hurtful people; people with no respect and no loyalty.

Don’t beware of the Have Nots, instead be careful of them and pray for them.

The Haves

These people are usually the ones that are talked about the most, and hurt the most. These people try to please everyone and stay true to everyone, but usually are “overlooked” by everyone. The ones that are just expected to show up, just expected to fix situations, just expected to help. These people spend hours listening to others, but when needed to be heard, -no one is there to listen. These people hear the request of others and respect them enough to carry out the task, answer the question, or send the request. These people show respect in many ways; and show loyalty in other ways. The loyal Haves were born into the family of God. Usually grew up in the church, raised into a loving home, and taught the meaning of respect and loyalty by examples. These people are who you want to be around. These people have heart! These people are needed in life.

Don’t stay away from the Haves, instead gravitate towards them and encourage them.

Which group are you most comfortably connected to?

Are you The Haves or The Have Nots?

Assess. Accept. Redirect.

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