A Thankful Heart

There are times in life that one might look around and ask, “Why is so much happening to me?” One might say, “I turn to the left turmoil or I turn to the right bad situations” and that may cause despair. However, if you profess to be strong in faith, then one must take a second look.

That Second Look

When we take a second look, we must look with our spiritual eyes. As a person who wears glasses, there was once a time in my life that I did not need the eye glasses on a daily basis. I would only use them to read at night. Then, my sight became weak and I can’t see anything clearly with my eye glasses off. I have to put my glasses on if I want my vision to be precise, so that I can see where I am going, what I am reading, or just to enjoy the simple things in life, sight. With my eye glasses on, everything looks different. Everything is definite and detailed. This is how we should use our spiritual vision! We need to step back and take a second look with our spiritual eyes!

Once we take that second look with our spiritual eyes, we are able to see and understand that through everything, God is holding us up! You would see that your legs may hurt, but you got legs and you CAN walk; you can see that your car may not be brand new, but you have transportation. And it is then that we should be thankful. The most important skill that we can develop as people of God is the Art of Thanksgiving. I Thessolaians 5:18 reads “to let us give thanks in everything. ”

We have to understand that the power of a thankful heart can break the power of the enemy. We win when we give thanks inspite of the difficult circumstances we face and endure. (#wewin) Therefore, when troubles come, just lift your hands and say, “God I trust you– so I thank you!”

It is at this point that you begin thanking him for things ‘surrounding’ the hard situations. Your car is broken, thank him for a mechanic, you have a test, thank him for clear notes. Thank him for things related to what you need. Such as, “God I thank you that although my car is broken, it is just the starter, it could be worst; I thank you for the mechanic and his family; I thank you that favor surrounds us; I thank you for my friend who will give me a ride…” You got to give him thanks! Don’t Ponder on the Problem, instead, Profess the Promises and thank God for the Process and the Victory!

The Key

Thankfulness is the Key that will turn the situation around. Please understand that being thankful does not change the situation, but being thankful changes US! It changes how we SEE the situation and it changes our attitude towards the situation. Thankfulness helps us to accept God’s will and to submit to it. I Timothy 6:6 reads, “to be content is great gain.” Contentment is accepting His will.

Therefore, we must wake up and walk throughout our day with a heart of thanksgiving and praise daily… and be joyful always! Don’t get it twisted, joyful does not mean you have to be giggly or laughing all the time; instead, it means a joyful heart (being glad and thankful). And… pray continually. These are the things that can break the power of the enemy in our lives and change our outlook and attitude.

From this day on, put on an attitude of gratitude… knowing that it is needed to live an empowered and purposeful life. Let us be thankful unto God in all things: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Knowing that #We Win.

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