Adjust Your Crown

A crown is used to represent royalty. It is a sign of leadership, a sign of high esteem, a sign of dignity and a sign of respect. We are all royalty, born into a royal family (Christ Family). Our crowns are our headpiece… some with no jewels and some with plenty of jewels.

All too often situations happen in our lives that our crowns are maneuvered in one way or another.

Tilted by Others Actions

There are some people that want you to “win” as well as, themselves! There are some people that has your best interest in mind and is leaning in your favor, because as we know we are royalty, others know also. Then, there are those individual that sees your royalty and do not want you to “win” so, the manipulations begins.

It only takes one person to tilt your crown… and get you out of character. That person will push your buttons and push your buttons until you are sick and tired; and then, retaliate (your crown is tilted). Then, there is That person which will use you and abuse you because of your kindness or greatness. After using you, That person will stab you in the back and use your very own kindness or greatness against you (your crown is tilted). There is That person which keeps you close, follow you, call you repeatedly, and drain your energy. Without energy, you are not effective and productive enough to function (your crown is tilted). Finally, there is That person who says he/she loves you, yet, does not bring out the best in you-in fact, brings out the worse (your crown is tilted).

Titled by Your Actions

Sometimes, we do not understand that we are royalty, and tilt our own crowns. We are our worst enemies! We are judgemental against our own lives. We never forgive ourselves and never give ourselves another chance. We fail to realize that God IS a God of second chances, and third, and fourth, etc…

Once we fail at something, we set it aside and do not want to try that again (crown tilted). Once someone talks about us and/or drags our name in the dirt, we hide under a rock– don’t want to work anymore, don’t want to sing anymore, don’t want to speak anymore, don’t want to love anymore, don’t even want to connect anymore (crown tilted). Once we lose something- a job, a spouse, a child, a house, a car… we feel we are a loser. That is when we begin to lose all hope and live in despair or depression (crown tilted).


Others may tilt your crown or you may tilt your own crown, I am here to encourage you to Adjust Your Crown! When you think about your successes and your failures, the good outweighs the bad. You may have failed, but, “if at first you don’t succeed, then try and try again!” That may not be a “no” it may just be a “delay.” Don’t you ever give up or give in! You may have had a little pain and hurt but the tears you shed, God has wiped them all. It only last for a season, joy comes in the morning! That is your new season-morning. You may have been talked about, but Jesus was once the gossip topic! They can talk now, ohh but when God get through with you- you will shine in front of your enemies. You may have loss now, but you will get double for your trouble! You have to believe in whom you trust and that trust should be in God. You are a jewel in a royal family!!

Lift up your head and put a smile on your face! You are a King’s Kid, a Royal Priesthood!! Adjust Your Crown!! And move forward!

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